2017 Early Wine

“I look forward to this wine’s release every year…It’s always the first wine from the new vintage to hit store shelves, serving as a harbinger for Thanksgiving as well as the winter holidays. You really can think of it as Long Island’s Beaujolais Nouveau — except it’s delicious. It was just bottled so probably isn’t quite revealing its full self just yet, but it’s already bursting with juicy green apple and citrus notes. There is a delicate floral aromatic as well along with something that hints at grassy but isn’t quite so overt. Though distinctly drier than last year’s bottling, it’s just as fruity-fresh with juicy citrus and fresh, floral flavors. There is still a subtle sweetness here, but plenty of crunchy acid to balance it.” — Lenn Thompson, NY Cork Report

“I couldn’t be prouder of this year’s release – the 15th vintage of Macari’s Early Wine! With this wine we are able to capture a snapshot of the 2017 vintage in a bottle – pretty aromatics of green apple, lime zest and orange blossom, with electrifying acidity!  This is just a sneak preview of the beautiful wines we still have fermenting in the cellar from this harvest. As you drink this wine, may it be a delicious reminder of the warm days of summer as we transition into the crisp comfort of fall.” – Kelly Koch, Winemaker